Your very own personal chef! Well… Almost

Hey you! Yes you. What are you eating right now? Or contemplating on eating? You’re probably sitting in class (like I’m doing right now) and you’re wishing you had a Starbucks coffee or something sweet to munch on, just to keep you going through that really boring lecture. I know that’s what I want.

Let me tell you why I’m, instead of listening to something probably important, starting a new blog all about food and cooking.

I had the good fortune of being accepted to a Master’s program far away from home, fulfilling my wish of starting fresh, somewhere new, so I could explore and grow (mentally and emotionally, hopefully not waist wise). Since moving far away, to the capital of the Land of Silly Rules, I’ve had to adjust to a new way of living… No more Mom or Dad or Edward to wash my dirty dishes and clean up my cooking and baking messes. No more free groceries. No more Chicken Noodle Soup by my lovely Nonna… Nope, I gotta do all that by myself. Which is a good thing. Other than the fact that I have to take 2 buses with my groceries every time I go shopping. Yay for not having a car!

Before leaving, I was followed by a dietician for 6 months, for personal reasons and training reasons, to try and find new alternatives for healthier eating habits and what not. See, in the last year, I was told that I was allergic not only to eggs, but also to a great number of nuts, and to a lesser degree, certain fruits. When I first started seeing my dietician, I was starting to train a lot more for my second triathlon, which became a duathlon, and I was getting frustrated because I felt I was missing out on a lot because I was so limited with these allergies. After those 6 months, not only did I finish my duathlon in good time, I also lost 18lbs and 4 inches off my waist. I never changed anything to my training habits, but just watched what I ate. My dietician helped me figure out what worked best for me (i.e. number of meals, calories, portion sizes, meal composition, etc.) and also gave me a bunch of tools that I can now work with to maintain this new, healthier, lifestyle.

I’m getting to the main point of why I’m writing this, I swear!

So, that is my life up to date. My best friend, who also moved out of her mom’s the same week I moved, wrote to me to tell me that she was annoyed because she felt she was constantly eating take-out and store bought things (she is the Sushi Queen… I tell you, if ever there is a sushi shortage in Ottawa, let me know, I will point you to the probable culprit!). She told me that she wanted my advice, and recipes, since she saw me go through the whole weight loss process and change and was kind of jealous of the yummy foods I was making. That is why I’m doing this blog. It first started on Facebook. I created a private photo album for her and a few friends with pictures of the foods I was making along with the ingredients list and how to’s. It got to a point that I was bringing in a few snacks and treats to my job for my coworkers to try (my Beer Bread was a great success, so was my Quinoa Granola) and tell me what I should change to make it that much better.

I know that there’s a whole thing going on with “clean eating” and “cheat days/meals” and a whole new interest on fitness and lifting. Which is great! But trust me, I love my sweets to much for this to be a 100% “clean eating” blog. Besides, there are too many of them out there. This is really just me, trying to fit in my budget, creating foods that I can eat and wont die from (or feel like giving birth to Alien) and still be healthy.

Without further ado, I will stop talking about why this and that and actually get down to business.

With that, I will go back to listening to now 1h30h, lecture on Unions in Quebec!


Much love,



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