Quick Treat : Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I was feeling down in the dumps today and a bit the other night, so I made myself a romantic treat for one to cheer myself up and to tell myself that it’s not that horrible being alone. Which it’s not!

Anyways, what do you reach for when you have a broken heart? Chocolate. What do you do when you don’t have any chocolate? You cry even harder. Then I realized that I had cocoa powder, milk, maple syrup and vanilla. And fresh strawberries. So guess what I did! Yes sir! I made chocolate covered strawberries for myself. And man they were good!

You will need

  • cocoa powder ( I didn’t measure, I just went with how emotional I was)
  • milk (enough to make a liquid paste, not too runny but not to past-y… you want it soupy)
  • vanilla (just a drop will do)
  • maple syrup (to sweeten cocoa powder since it tends to be quite bitter)

*You can use whatever else to sweeten the mix, if you have plain sugar, or Truvia (stevia plant sweetener) work just as well

Wash and dry your strawberries and dip the not leafy ends into the chocolate. Put on plate and leave in freezer for about 15 minutes… If you can… In the meanwhile, lick the chocolate bowl.

chocolate covered strawberries

There you have it! Feel free to lick the plate after too, it will make you feel better!


I was going to make these again tonight but I was just asked out, so I’ll pass!


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