On the Menu this Evening…Perfect Steak and Kale

After a very “productive” day, aka blogging all afternoon and evening, I was able to get away from my computer to whip up a simple but oh so yummy dinner. My excuse for being on the computer so long was that my steak was thawing out. So on tonight’s menu, I had a simple steak, asparagus and brown rice. Nothing too fancy, but I have come up with a fool proof way of cooking my steak to perfection, every single time. And I’ll be nice, I will share my recipe with you!

You will need

  • Steak (cut of your choice, I will splurge on a filet mignon from time to time… Since I live alone it’s not all that expensive)
  • Tiny bit of butter (the size of a quarter will do)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oregano


Big ass steak for tonight


*Notice I didn’t trim the fat. I usually always do, but I was starving and it does add a little flavour

simple din dins

All you need to do is melt the butter in the pan at medium-high heat. While it’s melting, sprinkle the salt, pepper and oregano onto your steak, both sides! You can really rub it in, or just pat it in, doesn’t change all that much. Put in the pan once it is hot, and cook to desired doneness. Tonight’s was a little over done to my liking, but still delicious! It was a huge piece as well so I have my supper for tomorrow and lunch on Sunday!

Next up, rice and asparagus. Now. I don’t want to start an argument, but there are two schools of though about cooking your rice. A) boil water first THEN add rice or B) put rice and water in pot at the same time and let it boil/simmer away. I had a big argument with a friend months ago about this, and tried proving him wrong and failed (I put in too much water) But if he were here now, he would agree that I have mastered the water+rice technique. Tonight’s rice was Lundberg’s short grain brown rice, which is certified gluten free! As for asparagus, I usually steam them in the microwave (put in bowl with the bottom covered in water) and it takes just under 2 minutes. Seeing that I don’t own a microwave yet, I did it the old fashion way. One cool gadget I got from my dad when I moved out was a collapsible colander made out of silicone. I can use this baby to steam my veggies no problem and it’s so easy to clean! Love it. It even comes with it’s own little lid.

Eh voilà, a very simple yet satisfying meal.

Now for the pièce de résistance, my desert!

Drum roll please…. Let me introduce to you….KALE CHIPS! Yes, I wanted to make them tonight and kept putting them off because of my dishes and watching re-runs of Dancing With the Stars…Bill Nye got eliminated!!! Back to the chips. Super simple, super yum, there’s a post from earlier today on how to make them. Tonight’s spices were chili and garlic powder, with a touch of chili pepper flakes and salt.

It’s taking all of my will power not to finish the whole batch right now… Then again my mouth is on fire so it can maybe wait.

Full to the brim. This is just one bunch of kale

pre-baked kale

post-baked kale



There you have it, Easy Breezy Beautiful… or just plain yum.


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