Homemade Heaven: Chocolate&PB cups

After a late night of last-minute essay writing and a fairly intense gym session, I was feeling like I could reward myself today with something sweet that I’ve been craving for a while. My mom was super awesome and bought me all sorts of goodies when I went back home for the weekend, including Sunbutter, which is for me, what Peanutbutter is for you. It’s a gluten-free, nut free version of peanut butter, made with sunflower seeds! The brand I get is Sunbutter and they make it in smooth and crunchy…Both are amazing and I eat both by the spoonful… However it is a little pricy, a lot pricier here than back home, so I haven’t had any since I moved.

Can you guess what I made? All I needed was melted dark chocolate, a bit of milk and some Sunbutter….

Ok, ok, I will tell you… I made homemade Reeses’ Buttercups!!!! The only thing that you really need for this recipe is patience and willpower.

You will need

  • 4 Baker squares of dark chocolate (any baking chocolate will do, even chocolate chips, but I like Bakers’ chocolate)
  • milk (to make your chocolate more liquid)
  • sunbutter (or any nutbutter or peanut butter of choice)
  • mini cupcake papers

First, melt your chocolate and mix in the milk to make it soupy… Now, there are many ways of doing this, but the easiest way to do it, is to do it in a Bain Marie, so you don’t burn the chocolate. To do this, take a small pot of water and bring it to a boil/simmer. Sit a glass bowl on top (make sure some of the steam can escape) and add your chocolate and milk and stir gently and continuously. Just be careful not to get burned by the steam.


Dark Chocolate Baker Squares

Chocolate Sauuuuce

Second, if you have a mini cupcake tray, line it with mini cupcake papers. If not, just place your cupcake papers on a baking sheet that will fit your freezer. Fun part! Drizzle the chocolate in the papers, making sure to cover the bottom but not making it too thick. You can either use up all the chocolate you have to make them extra thick and make a second batch of chocolate or try to divide it in two… it all depends on how much you actually eat while make these.

Place in the freezer until chocolate is frozen solid.

Third, there are two was of doing the filling part. You can go straight ahead and spoon in your nutbutter in each up, or you can do a mix of icing sugar and nutbutter (about 1/3 cup of icing sugar for 1 cup of nutbutter) to make it less runny…it will make it a lot sweeter however. When filling the cups, don’t put too much nutbutter, but enough to have a good blob…

Fourth, drizzle whats left of the chocolate over all the cups, making sure to cover them completely so you don’t see the nutbutter. Back in the freezer they go for a good 20 to 30 minutes…

I noticed that when adding milk to the chocolate, it takes slightly longer to freeze…maybe it’s just my freezer that’s not cold enough, but just a heads up.

You can leave them in there for as long as you want, but trust me, the minute the timer buzzes, you’ll be stuffing your face!

Just testing...

Enjoy! Just don’t forget to wipe the chocolate off your face 😉


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