Pancakes for dinner?!

Yes, my brain hurts! I’ve been pretty quiet lately, lots of studying and going to the gym. However I do have a new recipe. Tonight, I felt like having breakfast for dinner. So I made pancake… and realized I had no more maple syrup… Almost cried. But they were pretty awesome with out it.

Last post, I think, I had mentioned that I wouldn’t be using Robin Hood’s GF flour because they sweeten it with beet sugar… well I went out and bought quinoa flour and another all purpose mix that I cannot remember the name of the brand.. I’d have to check in the grocery store next time I go… anyways, the all purpose flour I used is CRAP. I tried making my zucchini bread, a first time, using that flour, and it literally just made a crust. The inside was still liquid after an hour in the oven. So I tried again two days later, making sure to press out all the water in the zucchini, in case there was just too much water.. IT DID IT AGAIN. I was so frustrated!!! I wasted 4 zucchinis!! BTW I love zucchinis… so it bothered me a little bit too much to waste them. So I went back to using the leftover rice flour I had. If anyone has any ideas what could have caused this, please let me know… I haven’t used this flour since, I’m afraid of wasting more ingredients (I paid 16$ for quite a large amount of this flour, so it would be a waste for me not to use it).

I also bough quinoa flour… Let me tell you a little secret…IT’S AMAZING! Definitely worth the price for a pound or two of it. The last recipe I posted, my Pumpkin Chai muffins, I replicated it with quinoa flour. Two adjustments. You only need 1 cup of flour if you use quinoa flour. It wont affect the taste or texture of the muffins (I may have made this batch twice….but once as a cake). Last time, I used my Robin Hood flour, which made these heavy and blah. But with quinoa flour… THEY ARE SO FLUFFLY. I swear!! It’s incredible. I’ve never had anything, as baked goods, that light and fluffy. I will point out, however, that there is a very distinct flavour to quinoa flour. It is very nutty and it will overpower lighter flavours, such as vanilla. It is perfect, though, for the muffin recipe, it comes to add a little depth.


For those who are allergic to eggs like me, and want to make a layered cake, I highly suggest in investing in quinoa flour. I was too lazy to pour the batter in the muffin tins so I just dumped it in a cake mold, and it came out perfect. If I had two, or just sliced it in half, I could have easily put frosting/icing/jam in between the layers. It wasn’t heavy or dense, which is usually what happens when you don’t use eggs.


ANYWAYS, BACK TO MY BREAKFAST FOR SUPPER. I’m going on and on about quinoa flour, so you can guess what I made my pancakes with!! You betcha! Quinoa flour. Super simple pancake recipe.

You will need

  • 1 cup quinoa flour
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • 2 tbsp. baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp. salt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tbsp. vegetable oil

You’ll notice that the batter will start to rise fairly quickly… I’m not entirely sure as to why it does this with quinoa flour, I’ve never had that happen with regular flour.

Make your pancakes like you would normally. They will be nice and fluffy, sans le egg!



And just because I’m super proud of myself for growing some arm muscles, I will be naughty and post an muscle selfie. Which I wouldn’t usually do. But be amazed by the fact that I had chicken arms about 5 weeks ago



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