It’s the Final Countdown

Yup, it’s finally here! I can’t believe that in 18 days I will be done my first session of my Masters degree and will be packing my bags and heading home for the holidays!
In today’s post, I wont be writing out recipes, since they are all pretty much already posted somewhere in the blog and I’m a little short on time (MUST FINISH CHAPTER IN TEXTBOOK). If ever you are having a panic attack because you really don’t know how to turn your oven on or don’t know how to put a piece of fish in a parchment bag, please contact me, but other than that, I think you’re all big kids now! oh.. speaking of big kids… I GOT A MICROWAVE!!!! It is clearly the best invention we have ever come up with. When you’ve always had one, then go to not having one… …. I don’t even want to think about how I managed!

I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks; Mom came to visit, last-minute studying, going to the gym, writing papers, etc. I haven’t been super creative food wise, but I did impress my mom and step-dad with my amazing ratatouille that I posted a few weeks ago. It was a hit! I think it might be on the menu for our family Christmas dinner!

I have made a discovery! Parchment cooking bags are a lifesaver! Mom got me a box when I was home for Thanksgiving and I just started using them these past few weeks and I tell you… GO BUY SOME.  They speed up cooking time and also “maximize food’s natural flavour”. I think it’s my new favourite way of cooking fish! You basically rub your fish with whatever you want, stick it in the bag, stick the bag in the oven (on a baking sheet) and let it cook away!


Dill and lemon are always great, so far I’ve done garlic and lemon with a bit of rosemary, topped with some onion rings and capers, and last night was a mix of herbs and garlic powder and a little lemon juice. Just watch out when opening the bag, make sure your face isn’t near the opening because you can get burned by the steam!

What’s great with leftovers is making amazing lunches… This salad here… THE BOMB!!! Pimp up any old salad with some veggies, add some cold leftover salmon, a handful of pumpkin seeds, a few dried cranberries, a little bit of feta cheese, some leftover grilled veggies, a little lemon juice, olive oil, garlic powder and dried oregano and a pinch of salt and pepper and et voilà! The best pimped up salad I’ve had in quite some time… I may have had some again for lunch today!lunch

Finally last night’s supper turned out to be delicious! I had som leftover grilled veggies, and some kale sitting in my fridge, so I quickly steamed my kale with some garlic powder and chili powder in about 3 tbsp. of water then added my veggies and sautéed it up. Served with a side of brown basmati rice and some lemony chicken! I think it’s the kale that made it taste amazing.


On the list of things to bake, other than my delicious banana muffins turned into a cake, are my Nonna’s cornmeal muffins and her caramel fudge… She won’t give me her secret recipe so I may have to snoop around her kitchen to find it!!

Stay tuned!


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