I’m back!

Holy cow, I’ve been gone for quite some time. Well.. not really. I’ve always been here, but just invisible… and attempting to make a living. I’m actually quite excited that school is starting up again, so I will have somewhat of a life, and hopefully more time to post.

Rest easy, I have not forgotten you! I swear, this summer has been an incredible summer of discovery, and trial and errors. I have discovered that I love tofu and that it’s actually a pretty good sub for a vegan cheesecake! Yes, you heard me… a ‘cheese’cake.

I’ve also dabbled into the whole If It Fits Your Macros craziness. It’s actually less scary than it seems, but that’s probably because I’m already ahead in the whole ‘watching out what you eat’ because of my allergies/intolerences.

I’ve decided that I will be posting one to two recipes every week, either my own creations or my spins on recipes that I’ve found in my many cookbooks/online.

I have now officially been living in Quebec City for a year, so I am officially settled into my miniature kitchen and gotten used to the fact that I will not be cooking in a full scale kitchen for quite some time…


I’m off to prep my things for tonight’s official relaunch of the blog!


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