Oatmeal Cookies … inspired by sunshine & a pretty smile

I went to bed last night thinking about a conversation I had earlier in the afternoon… Nothing beats a traditional chocolate chip cookie. After meeting up for a coffee, we went walking in the old city and stopped at this French bakery for a little treat…or well for me to drool over all the displays… (the joy of having allergies to practically all the ingredients in croissants and macarons [the French cookies, not the coconut things].) and for her to grab two chocolate chip cookies. She was nice enough to tell me that all the other things there, especially macarons, didn’t taste as good as I thought they did, which made me laugh since my dad use to tell me that delicious chocolate cakes tasted like soap just so I wouldn’t be jealous.

Anyways. Yes, lying in bed, I was trying to think of what I had in my cupboard so that I too could make delicious chocolate chip cookies. I was essentially missing the key ingredient, chocolate, so I was a little bummed, so I went to bed, disappointed that I would have to wait until next grocery trip to buy said chocolate…

Little did I know I was going to make the discovery of the year later the next day. Remember those Swedish Cinnamon Buns? I had put most of the dough and filling in the freezer because I had too much… Well, I cleaned out my freezer tonight since I needed some extra Tupperware and the cinnamon filling fell out into my hands… And then it hit me… What if I made oatmeal cookies…WITH the filling…. This guy is a genius sometimes, I tell you.

Quick quick, I went online for a recipe, and the first one that popped out and required the exact amount of butter was this recipe (click here for the link).

I’m not going to copy the recipe, but I will tell you that I used 2 cups of old fashion oats and 1/4 cup of quinoa flakes and 2/3 cup of gluten free flour instead of what Ricardo suggests…. And I replaced the egg with 2 tbsp of plain yogurt…. And the butter for the leftover Cinnamon Bun filling…

Looking back at that, I basically changed 3/4 of the ingredients, but whatever! You get the idea… I actually don’t even have the time to write this post, but eh, what else to do while waiting for your laundry to wash..ok maybe homework but we’ll get to that later.

Let me tell you, folks…. These cookies are AMAZING. Not only does it smell like a cinnamon bun shop in my kitchen, these cookies are almost healthier than those buns. I’m saying almost because there’s a ton of butter in them… But eh, what’s a little treat from time to time?

Definitely adding chocolate next time however…


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