Almost Pointless Entry – feat. My Dear Old Dad

Big news guys!

Remember how I was featured as “Friday Foodie” a month or so ago by the PumpUp app? Well, they reached out to me this week, asking me if I wanted to be a monthly blogger for them! Had I not been in class when I received the request, I would have been dancing on tables.


For those who haven’t been notified (via Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/PumpUp app), here is this month’s feature! You’ll recognize the recipe as I have previously posted it on the blog, but the next posts will be brand spanking new. Which means I will have to keep a few surprises in store for you/not share all my recipes.


Today is not a food post day. Or well… No recipe per say, since I just spent the better half of my afternoon napping and lazing around in bed. Don’t you be looking at me all googly-eyed and telling me I just wasted a perfectly beautiful and sunny afternoon. Because I didn’t. I spent my entire morning proctoring a Labour Law exam (which I think I may have blogged about this time last year…mostly about how I despised the professor)… Poor students. A few tears were shed that I can assure you.

Also, my dad drove up from Ottawa to come and take me out to lunch, as well as go shopping at the local health food stores for some supplies I needed so I can come up with new recipes. I have to vent a little. The shops here are definitely not as good as back home. Even the grocery stores don’t have as much variety as they do back home. But regardless, I managed to find a few things here and there that will go towards the testing of new recipes.

Productivity 101 : The Onesie

I am seriously 1000x more productive when I wear this. I don’t really know why.

So there, it justifies the hour and a half nap and me lazing around in my pjs all afternoon.

And don’t ask what I’m cooking for dinner…Because that too is out of the books. I’m currently thawing out some of the Rogan Josh I made last week (which I froze about 8 individual portions for days like this one), and will probably be eating that in bed, while watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Oh, before I go, please please please comment down below with ideas/requests/questions/anything that you would like me to try out recipe wise, or just leave me some love 🙂



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