The Cure to PMS – feat. Chocolate Covered Chips

I think that whoever came up with the idea of making chocolate covered chips should win a Nobel prize… Probably the Peace prize, because honestly… we all know how we get when we’re PMS… Anyways, you’ll thank me for making a slightly healthier version of the ones available in stores.

Lays has come out with a chocolate covered ruffle chip, and the marketing on the bag and what is inside the bag is actually deceiving. My girlfriend and I were grocery shopping yesterday when we spotted the bag… we looked at each other and there was this kind of genius flash that went off in both our brains… Why not make our own version of these chips… a kind of healthier version… if possible. We opted for reduced sodium chips, because let’s be real, regular chips are absolutely too salty for anyone’s palate, and we looked for the thickest cut of crinkle/ruffled chips available..the thicker the better, in our opinion, in case the thinner chips would go soggy under the coat of chocolate.

We practically ran home to make these.

I read a review on these chips while the chocolate was melting, just to see what they actually were like… Apparently the packaging is deceiving, since it shows chips completely covered in chocolate… The reviewer said that had they were either coated on one side, or not uniformly/equally coated. I can just image the mess they make when holding them in your fingers, chocolate smudges everywhere. That’s when my genius girlfriend suggested that we dip one end of the chip in the chocolate, so it’s easier to hold, and less messy…think chocolate covered strawberries.

So here you go, a cure to your, or your girlfriend/sister/mother/roommates PMS. Salty, crunchy, chocolate goodness… A little bit healthier than what you’d find in the store

You will need

  • 50% less sodium ruffled chips, thicker cut the better
  • semi-sweet chocolate chips (or 70% cocoa chocolate bar), about 3/4 cupDSC_0472 copy

While your chocolate is melting (on the stove top on low heat, or in the microwave according to instructions on the bag), sift through the chip bag to find the unbroken chips. Place these on a parchment paper covered baking tray.

Once the chocolate is melted, gently dip one end of the chip into the chocolate…Or if you have a basting brush, brush the ends of the chips. You don’t want to submerge the chip completely because it will end up getting soggy. Place them on the baking tray.

DSC_0474 copy

When all the chips are dipped, place the tray in the freezer, or outside if it’s -20 like it is here (cover the tray with cling wrap so they don’t fly away), and let them chill for about 10-15 minutes, or until the chocolate has set.

DSC_0480 copy

There you have it! We stored our leftover chips in a Tupperware and kept it in the fridge over night… The chips are still crunchy! If you leave them too long in room temperature, the chocolate will start to melt… I’m assuming it’s because the chocolate isn’t tempered (see my chocolate bark recipe if you’re unsure what I mean about tempered chocolate).

DSC_0482 copy

Anyways! These are definitely a treat!


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