Hip Hip Hooray for Spring! – feat. Vegan Ice Cream & Fudge Pops

I just realized that it’s St-Paddy’s and I haven’t come up with a shamrock worthy recipe! However, happy St-Paddy’s to all! Please enjoy a green beer for me!



It’s finally looking like spring! I’ve actually been able to walk outside with my spring jacket and little booties without wanting to die of cold. Minus the silly snow storm we had over night Saturday, things are getting back to where they should be: warm weather, t-shirts, jean shorts.and most of all, a big bowl of frozen yogurt!

I’ve been looking for this really delicious chocolate sorbet/frozen yogurt thing in the grocery stores, but I really can’t seem to find it anymore, and coconut “ice cream” is just too expensive for me… Which is what got me thinking about what I could make that would satisfy my sweet tooth, feel like ice cream, and make me feel like spring was actually on it’s way.

Looking over my older recipes, I fell onto my chocolate tofu mousse that I had made over the winter holidays. And that’s what made me realize the answer was potentially written in that post.

I had picked up a pack of the shelf silken tofu (the boxed kind found in the Asian or health food isle), and thought that it would do the trick…and it did!

We experimented with the recipe and tried it out three different ways; however, only one of them is pictured!DSC_0486

Without further ado, here is what you need!

  • 12 oz. package of silken tofu (boxed kind, not the one that you find in the cold section)
  • 1 1/4 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup vanilla soy milk (or any other milk on hand)

Melt your chocolate chips in a small sauce pan on low heat, or in the microwave (according to packaging instructions). In a blender, blend your tofu and your soy milk until smooth. Pour in your melted chocolate and whiz until everything is combined.

There you go! Now the possibilities are endless. We attempted to make fudge pops, but the molds we used weren’t the best quality. I’m thinking silicone molds next time should do the trick, or even paper or Styrofoam cups with Popsicle sticks planted in them.

This makes a fairly big batch, and we had a small blender, so we had to blend it in two different batches and I think the consistency wasn’t the same for both (one had more milk than the other).

We ended up making a tub of ice cream with one batch, which really tasted and felt like gelato/sorbet, and the other batch we left it in the fridge to thaw a bit before eating (it was pretty solid). By the time we took it out, it was nice and smooth, a little bit like the chocolate mousse that I once made, and it was to die for.


I highly recommend, at any point in time in the year, I guarantee you will get smiles from it.!My girlfriend had a similar reaction to the Heineken beer fridge guy.The guy with the button down shirt to be precise 😉

heineken fridge

Here’s the video of the commercial for those that don’t know what I’m talking about, click here!


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