Montreal Calling! – Update

I’ve been M.I.A. lately, as you might have noticed, and slacked a bit on the whole making recipes, but for a good reason. We’ve officially moved! We’ve been living in our new place for a week now, but with all the packing, unpacking, cleaning, fixing appliances, etc., I actually haven’t had time to cook much.

I did learn that I was quite the handywoman though. And I proudly own power tools now too! Cool, huh?

On the whole cooking front, well it’s a little limited at the new place, mostly because the oven door is unhinged and therefore cannot be used, and it’s been incredibly too hot to actually cook anything. The first meal that I made in our new place was my trusty Pad Thai. It takes 10 minutes total and very little cooking, which is great when it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside, and about 35 inside!

Oh, also, cool find when walking through the new hood! Cactus stemmed Margarita glasses! I’ve seen them at many bars, but never found them in stores, until I walked into this thrift store down the road. So happy, and so wallet friendly: 1$ each!


Now, just to give you an idea of what is coming up in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some drink recipes (coffee/tea/alcoholic/non-alcoholic), as well as a new Indian dish, chicken burger patties, and a few more snack and dessert recipes!

I’m writing this in the Greyhound bus on my way back to my new place, and it’s quite bumpy, so I’ll catch up with you later!


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