Heartbreak Hotel… or well Kitchen

Its with a heavy heart that I write this post.

Three years ago, almost day to day, I started planning this blog. It had started as a private Facebook photo album of the recipes I would make for dinner with the recipes I used. It then progressed to writing my first blog post on WordPress…

Three years later and 123 recipes tried and tested. I am really proud of what I have done. My one and only goal was to share with you my recipes, in the hopes that I could help someone who has similar allergies, or who was looking to incorporate healthier recipes in their daily lives. You’ve all been a part of my journey, and have all had a peek into my everyday life since the day I started.

Although I thoroughly enjoy testing recipes and then writing about them, I’ve been feeling like my heart and mind aren’t in the right place to be continuing posting on a weekly basis. Which is why I will be taking a step back for the time being. But don’t you worry, I’ll still be creating, testing, taking pictures, and working on my lifelong dream: writing a cookbook that is allergy friendly.

Until then, you might see a few posts here and there, but I’m going to be channeling my energy and efforts into my upcoming PhD, and whatever else life throws at me.

Ps: You can still get your fix of allergy-friendly recipes on a bi-weekly basis at La Fabrique Crépue!


Credits to The Meta Picture for the picture

2 thoughts on “Heartbreak Hotel… or well Kitchen

  1. it’s a tough choice Zoe but you have done a great job so far.. and I know you will in the future..

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